Who are we

Curtocircuíto – International Film Festival was founded in 2003 by the Santiago de Compostela City Council with the aim of fostering film creation.

Eighteen editions later, Curtocircuíto is a leading festival in the Spanish landscape, working in direct contact with other festivals in Europe. Films from around the world compete in our Official Section, and in the parallel sections we offer heterodox programmes covering different formats and lengths. Contemporaneity, boldness and formal exploration are the elements that guide our work. For the past years, this model has evolved to turn Curtocircuíto into an interdisciplinary festival that, while keeping cinema at its core, encompasses other disciplines in its programme, including photography, sound art, ethnography, music or literature, among others. We believe that this dialogue among the different arts that make up the festival enriches our spectators’ experience and allows us, as programmers, to break with certain conventions and constraints that are typical of traditional festivals. Curtocircuíto is a festival committed to its times and one that supports citizens’ creation, training and integration – a ludic and cultural meeting point.

Artistic Management: Pela del Álamo 
General Coordination: Sabela Mendoza 
Programmers: Pela del Álamo, Pixi Arnoso, Brais Romero
Technical Management & Print Traffic: Pixi Arnoso
Guest Department: Marta Díaz, Jesús Silva
Content and Audience Coordination: Alicia Alonso 
Communication and Press: Andrea Villa
Press: Leticia G. Vilamea
Social Media: Aldara Pagán
Production Manager: Martín Cañedo
Activities, Concerts & Events Production: Coque Dosil 
Activities Production: Elisa Celda
Technical Production: Emilio Horyaans
Production Assistant: Elisa Celda
Production Assistant: Violeta Solis, Xiana Gilino
Transfers: Beatriz Fernández Villar
Design: Alicia Alonso, Emilio Horyaans, Pela del Álamo
Photographer: Aigi Boga 
Video: Leo López
Subtitling: Marián Sande 
Translations: Nice Try Translations
Internships: Xiana Gilino, Rubén Suárez, Andrés Fernández, Lucía Bestilleiro, Ismael Romarís
Website: Numax