Non-competitive section dedicated to Galician filmmakers who have a consistent and personal work. 

Enar de Dios Rodríguez (Spain, 1986) is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary work includes video, photography and installations. In her artistic practice the selective process of existing visual and textual material serves as a starting point for an exploration of the poetic and its political applicability. Her last research-based projects reflect upon the production of space and its socio-political and environmental consequences. Her work has been exhibited in disparate places such as the Contemporary Jewish Museum (San Francisco), Project Space (Melbourne), the backpack of a friend, Kunsthalle (Vienna), the 45 Salón Nacional de Artistas (Bogotá) or in film festivals such as DokuFest (Prizren), or this human world (Vienna). She has been the recipient of several grants and awards such as the Pixel Bytes + Film Production Grant, the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award or the DKV Álvarez Margaride Grant. She is founding collaborator of the science-art project SEEC Photography and member of The Golden Pixel Cooperative.

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Length: 59m 46s

Liquid ground

Liquid ground

Enar de Dios

  • 2021
  • 31:46
  • Austria
  • DOC, EXP
  • COL

Although the oceans make up more than 70% of the Earth's surfice, until now only a very small part of the seabed has been mapped. However, in recent years, the mapping of these spaces has accelerated due to different economic, geopolitical and scientific interests, determined to build a “new continent” to be explored and exploited underwater. Liquid Ground is a video essay that uses the ocean floor and its current cartography to talk about
colonialism, ecology and representation. Shaped by a wide variety of found material —from the illustrations of the first worldwide oceanographic expedition to current technologies and visions related to the ocean floor— Liquid Ground functions as a reminder of the liquid grounds that make up and sustain the planet. Moreover, it is a call to disobeying the stability of the arbitrary, extractive and limiting lines that are mapped across the world. Like any other form of knowledge, Liquid Ground is also a set of riddles.

Galician Premiere

The Sea is History

The Sea is History

Louis Henderson

  • 2016
  • 28:00
  • United Kingdom
  • DOC, EXP
  • COL

The Sea is History, made in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is a free adaptation of the poem by Derek Walcott. The film is a materialist and animist critique of the monumentalisation of European colonial history, reading the past instead as something intimately entangled within the present as a living and mutational thing made up of the living and the dead. It is in this sense that the film suggests a way beyond the boundary évent that could be called the Plantationocene (brought on with the onset of modernity and the system of globalised capitalism that started with the colonisation of the Americas in 1492, with Columbus arriving in Ayiti; latter day Dominican Republic) and towards a possible "Chthulucenic" future of créolised assemblages as a politics of re-telling death within life.

This film will be screened without subtitles.