Terra: Marta Valverde

Non-competitive section dedicated to Galician filmmakers who have a consistent and personal work. 

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"I develop my work in the gaps. Based upon my own experience, I deal with themes such as precariousness, violence, work, or the problem of representation from a feminist perspective. I play with the filmic image of live cinema and documentaries, always seduced by hybridisation and impure forms".

Marta Valverde is a graduate of the UPV/EHU and has a master’s degree in Contemporary Technological Performative Art, and a master’s degree in Arts and Artistic Professions of the Escuela Sur and the UC3M.

Co-creator of the space Fuck this Studio in Vigo, she combines the production of her own audio-visual pieces with other jobs such as VJ in musical events (for example, with Xabier Díaz or Luar Na Lubre), performances and theatre (such as Mercaderes de Babel by Carlos Aladro or Paxaros no cabo by Pistacatro); assistant editor (María y los demás, Gallo) and assistant director (Ursúas).


Length: 30m 00s

Cosas locas

Crazy Things

Marta Valverde

  • 2022
  • 30:00
  • Spain
  • DOC, EXP
  • COL

What does it mean to survive? Where is the limit between work and leisure? How is eroticism built? How is a work of art developed? What do an artist and a prostitute have in common? Is it possible to construct oneself outside of what men think? What does it mean to be an artist? What is the relationship between pain and pleasure? What is political about looking at others? Is it possible to be coherent? How do we manage guilt?