Running Through Time - Contemporary Views of the Camino

Running Through Time - Contemporary Visions of the Camino presents a multifaceted and contemporary vision of the Camino de Santiago through the eyes of ten artists who use audio-visual formats such as short films, slideshows, or mixed media.

The references to the Camino de Santiago, where time is flexible and parabolic, are very diverse: from historical perspectives to modern deconstructions. This project takes a broad view of the act of walking: encompassing a journey through a certain territory, new interpretations of the pilgrimage, the act of drifting, introspection, emotions, and human relationships.

This selection aims to open new avenues, offering us the possibility of an open and inclusive journey in which we can project ourselves without any time constraints.

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Salón Teatro

Length: 86m 00s

Unha forza do pasado

A Force From the Past

Bandia Ribeira

  • 05:00

Starting from the religious myths that inspire the Camino de Santiago and its symbolic end in the Portico de la Gloria, I established a route photographing both ends of the Mozarabic Xacobean route: Almeria and Galicia. A beginning and an end, alpha and omega, two opposites in which, through casual and programmed encounters, my fantasies confront reality. Through a series of recreations around the biblical notions of paradise, limbo, purgatory, or the promised glory that follows death, I went in search of a spiritual side historically represented as a tale, a warning to submit to power and religious expansion.

Os creyentes

The Believers

Lúa Ribeira

  • 06:00

The Believers arises from the idea of walking along the Camino de Santiago with people who have served a prison sentence. The intention is to reflect on the collective morality established by our legal system —the logic of punishment— and the influence of the dogma of faith, analysing the relationship between both and their influence on feelings such as guilt, punishment, and repentance. This journey was undertaken as a meeting point. The road is a stage that frames the theatricality with which Stoyan La. and Valentin F. relate to each other, representing two archetypes.

Última Etapa

Last Stage

Luis Díaz Díaz

  • 09:00

Last Stage is a work about the territory and the landscape that greet pilgrims during their last effort to reach the Cathedral of Santiago. It is also, accidentally, a portrait of rurban Galicia today. The video is composed of photographs taken during the outings, sounds recorded along these routes and recordings of pilgrims obtained from the internet. The aim is to generate an encounter between two subjectivities, that of the inhabitants of Santiago and that of the pilgrims approaching their goal.



Iván Nespereira

  • 06:00

Caliza explores the trace of stone as a material around the Camino de Santiago. It is a blend of documentary film and scientific study that revolves around the fact that the Codex Calixtinus (book V, chapter VI) notes that the pilgrims who went to Santiago de Compostela collected a limestone ("caliza" in Spanish) in the mountains of Triacastela and carried it to the end of the Camino. The goal being to obtain enough limestone for the construction of the Cathedral of Santiago.

Dawn Walks Behind Dawn

Dawn Walks Behind Dawn

Michel Le Belhomme

  • 05:00

After studying the historical and iconographic references which make up the context of the Camino de Santiago and Galicia, I strive to create a new vision through hybrid photographic compositions. This series is an attempt at a motionless journey cradled in time and space, where the formalisations of presence and absence overflow their rules. A chimerical collision of elements, a reality duplicated on the margins. The image of an image, like an echo. This pilgrimage is but an apprenticeship of a deeper journey.

La tempestad

The Tempest

André Cepeda

  • 10:00

The Tempest: two women, three voices and a road. A short film made up of two bodies, the text, and the images, which dialogue with each other and represent the idea of the Camino de Santiago, the mental and poetic side, questioning and trying to solve the problems of life, of existence.

La trayectoria de las montañas

The Trajectory of Mountains

Cristina de Middel

  • 06:00

This series aims to update our spiritual map and explore new forms of faith found on the Iberian Peninsula. A non-exhaustive exploration of minority holy places, on the fringe of the Catholic Church, as well as new miracles and religious expressions of a Spain open to other cultures and religious pantheons. Without the possibility of calibrating dogma and evaluating one belief over another, this film visits spaces where faith mingles with superstition. A sweeping view of religion in a country where the mountains haven’t moved for centuries.

Yo no sé lo que busco eternamente

I Don't Know What I Seek

Miguen Ángel Tornero

  • 08:00

I Don’t Know What I Seek —a title taken from a poem by Rosalía de Castro— is an audio-visual drift along the Silver Route of the Camino de Santiago. It was made in an unprecedented situation, during the pandemic, in which it was impossible to meet any pilgrims or visit many significant stops on the Camino. But this stage without actors, only some people going about their daily lives, was an opportunity to get to know the landscape: the sounds of nature, the beasts on the road... and, by establishing a relationship with these elements, perhaps get to know ourselves better.


Atlantic Granite

Carla Andrade

  • 14:00

Atlantic Granite is a unique variety of granite found in the Serra da Groba, which is located along the southernmost coast of Galicia. It has been a place of rites of passage since Sumerian times. Due to its uniqueness and the fact that it is relatively unknown, this variety of granite is a reservoir of hidden ancestral wisdom and powerful cosmo-telluric forces. Forces which have remained in our culture as residues of a rustic way of life, resisting the division of orthodoxy vs idolatry. Still and moving images are combined and tinged with the film material itself, re-signifying these notions related to a love of the mystery of nature, but structurally assimilated as illusion and ignorance.

The Stop Game

The Stop Game

Olivia Arthur

  • 17:00

The Stop Game is a short film about a prisoner who walks the Camino de Santiago to gain her freedom. Instead of being accompanied by a guardian, she carries a GPS device that tracks her movements and watches her from afar. On her journey, she comes face to face with a strange world from which she feels excluded. As she walks, we hear the voice of an older woman reflecting on her prison experience, delving into the meaninglessness and endless waiting typical of an inmate’s life. Looking at nature, she tries to make sense of what she has lived through and, finally, to release herself from the burdens of her past.