It is almost impossible to contemplate the artistic phenomena of the 21st century without understanding them as a cluster of convergent disciplines. Musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and writers mutually support each other to give way to new formats and trends that are advancing inexorably towards a renewal of the old concepts, surrounding the union between music and images. 

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Teatro Principal

Length: 87m 00s




  • 1984
  • 87:00
  • Germany
  • DOC
  • COL

FM (FM Einheit) wakes up one day with the feeling that Muzak is designed to control and brainwash the masses, something akin to lobotomies. He also thinks that this music sends subliminal messages that can paralyse critical thinking. As a result of this visionary awakening, FM goes down to a burger joint and records the ambient sound in order to start experimenting at home and obtain a device he will call the "anti-muzak".