A competitive section that includes the most prominent Spanish works of the season. A diverse programme that brings the different trends within auteur cinema together, from essay films to traditional fiction.

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Teatro Principal

Length: 53m 32s

La mano que canta

The Hand that Sings

Alex Reynolds, Alma Söderberg

  • 2021
  • 22:41
  • Spain
  • EXP
  • COL

A voice says "bird" and a bird appears in the eye, when only a second ago it was a hand, or a tree, or a whistle.

A Minor Figure

A Minor Figure

Jamie Weiss, Michael McCanne

  • 2021
  • 16:37
  • Spain, USA
  • DOC, EXP
  • COL

In 1988, a mysterious man enters the US on a fake passport. Ronald Reagan tours a collapsing Soviet Union. A road trip through rural America ends in a terrorism arrest outside of New York City. What becomes of those lost to the currents of history? Do they leave some traces behind or do they simply disappear?

Zerua blu

Blue Sky

Lur Olaizola

  • 2021
  • 14:14
  • Spain
  • DOC
  • COL

On January 24th, 1954, Mamaddi Jaunarena, 22 years old, took a boat from Le Havre to New York. But Mamaddi’s journey began before, in a film theater in her hometown, Ortzaize, with images that go beyond the screen, affect life, and remain forever: a beautiful Cadillac, a young woman, the blue sky.