Film Granell

Noted mainly for his pictorial work, Eugenio Granell was also a sculptor, poet, essayist, photographer, musician, teacher, and filmmaker. Between 1960 and 1980 he made a series of amateur film pieces, seven of which form a series of "art films", in the words used by Alberte Pagán during his public unveiling in 2003. Created during his exile in New York, the series is composed of short film-poems (Trompos, Middlebury, Película hecha en casa con pelota y muñeca, Casa) and films of the "cinema without a camera" kind (Invierno and Dibujo, hand-painted directly on the frame, and Lluvia, made by scratching directly on the emulsion). These small and fragile films, considered today a pioneering example of Spanish and Galician experimental cinema, were safeguarded thanks to the preservation work carried out in 2021, within the framework of research carried out by the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola with the collaboration of the Eugenio Granell Foundation and Filmoteca de Galicia.

Credits for the digital restorations:

  • Carried out in 2021-22 by the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola in collaboration with the Filmoteca de Galicia and the Eugenio Granell Foundation.

  • Coordination: Carolina Cappa

  • Research: Borja Rodríguez Gimeno (EQZE student 2019-20)

  • Digitisation and digital restoration: Amaia Badiola, Julia Cortegana de la Fuente, Pablo Adiego (students EQZE 2020-21)

  • Colour grading and deliveries: Pablo Cayuela (NUMAX)

Teatro Principal

Length: 20m 00s

Film Granell

Film Granell

Eugenio Granell

  • 20:00
  • Spain, USA
  • EXP
  • B&W