Closing and awards ceremony

Teatro Principal |

21:00 h

Free and open to the public, get tickets in advance at the Zona C. Punto de Información Cultural (Plaza de Cervantes) box office two days before the show

Como colofón á décimo novena edición do festival, celebraremos un acto de clausura, presentado pola artista escénica Clara Gayo, que consistirá en:

  • 21:00 | Presentación do Comisariado Interdisciplinar a cargo de Laura Iturralde, Richard Mascherin, Sam Fuentes, Alberto Cernadas and Alejandro Da Rocha

  • 21:30 | Entrega de premios aos gañadores das distintas categorías + proxección filme gañador da Sección Oficial

Comisariado Interdisciplinar

Richard Mascherin

Mascherin (1992) grew up in Tijoco Bajo, a remote village in the south of Tenerife (Spain). He is a dancer and creator who focuses on contemporary and audio-visual performing arts. He has worked with international directors such as Sharon Fridman and Marcos Morau, touring Europe, Asia, and North America. Throughout his career the concept of the fall has always been present both in his performances and in the way he maintains and translates his environment. The inevitability of a fall is the common thread in his artistic research: existing between dance and performance, between pleasure and pain, realism, and theatre. He is currently directing Caer, caer, caer (Falling, Falling, Falling): a project branching out into different forms and proposals around falling and vulnerability. It explores and links different media: dance, performance, video, and photography.

Laura Iturralde

Iturralde is an Illuminator, visualist and set designer. Her work includes the artistic direction of Terra, by the Galician group Tanxugueiras for the Benidorm festival, the lighting and video-scene design of Fariña and the space and light designs for Mercedes Peón, Brigitte Vasallo and the Centro Dramático Galego. She also develops her more personal work in music projects with visuals such as Corvax and in installations such as Fenda or Centinela. She has won a total of 5 national and regional awards and 9 nominations in the last 4 years for her work in the field of stage lighting. Since 2016, Iturralde has been exploring live cinema and real time visuals through live camera, participating in projects such as Lorca namorado, ¡Oh! rosas vivas, Vesalii Icons, Trilitrate and Nostoc. She has also participated in audio-visual projects such as Augas abisais, by Xacio Baño or Salvaxe, salvaxe by Walkie Talkie Films. Since 2022 Iturralde has been a member of the Spanish Association of Lighting Authors, an entity dedicated to the recognition of the figure of the lighting designer.

Alejandro Da Rocha

In parallel to his studies and research in visual arts, he has developed a career as a DJ and electronic music producer in Galicia (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Marseille (France), Madrid and Barcelona, where he lives and works. He has collaborated with dance companies and artists such as Kor'sia, laSADCUM, Richard Mascherin and Somadamantina, and his mixes have been broadcast on radio stations such as NOODS, Ma3azef, Radio Primavera Sound, Dublab.es, and Radio Relativa. Both in his individual productions and in his collaborations, his sound combines strong industrial percussive lines with ambient fragment which evoke nostalgia and contemplation. His sources of inspiration range from experimental avant-garde sounds to samples of religious and traditional music from different continents, which are very present in many of his own pieces as well as on his collaborative tracks.

Alberto Cernadas

Alberto Cernadas is a composer, producer, and founder of the independent label Lindisfarne. He trained as a guitarist at ESMUC (Barcelona), in classical and contemporary music. In 2019 he started working under the name “crnds” and produced Sandra Monfort's first studio album, Niño reptil ángel, which won the Best Album of the Year Award at the Carles Santos awards in Valencia. After publishing several collaborations on his label, Lindisfarne, the producer released his first solo album: Cernadas. It is characterised by integrating elements of traditional Galician music with the timbral language of experimental electronic music. In his brief career, crnds has collaborated with artists such as Cibrán Seixo, Sandra Monfort, Clara Fiol or Fransy González.

Sam Fuentes

Sam Fuentes is an artist that is based in Amsterdam and Vienna. His output is mainly on film, focusing on research through audio-visual practice and the importance of process as the driving force of his work. His working themes are the subjective spaces in between the remains of affection, memory, and architecture.

Fuentes graduated in Audio-visual Communication (UC3M, Madrid), received complementary training in Humanities, and completed a master’s in architectural communication (MAca). He has done artistic residencies and workshops in contemporary creation spaces such as EICTV (Cuba), LAV (Madrid), Nothing Happens in This Film (Argentina-online) or Konvent Puntzero (Catalonia). His work has been exhibited in venues such as the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts, Stedelijk Museum or Cineteca Madrid; as well as in exhibitions such as the Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival (FIDBA), Whole Festival or Glastonbury Festival.