Verde Prato + CRNDS + Álvaro Chior A/V + Fransy González

Igrexa da Universidade |

22:00 h doors opening at 21:30 h


Verde Prato

Verde Prato sings in Basque and revisits her homeland’s oral tradition with her music, bringing the past into the future. Folk songs and liturgical chants which mix vocal music and electronics in an (im)possible cross between Mazzy Star or Nico and Mikel Laboa.

Verde Prato has just presented her debut album Kondaira eder hura (That Beautiful Story), recorded and produced by Jon Aguirrezabalaga (from the band We Are Standard) and released by Planb-rec. A folk story that talks about love, family, and friendship but also about fear, loss and desire.

As part of a generation of young artists who are updating Basque traditions and taking them in unexpected and exciting new directions, Verde Prato reminds us of the importance of vocal music in folk songs around the world by making it the centrepiece of her song-writing.

CRNDS + Álvaro Chior A/V + Fransy González


Crnds is a composer, producer and founder of the independent label Lindisfarne. After publishing several collaborations with different artists, the producer released Cernadas, his first solo album. This work is characterized by pairing traditional musical elements from Galicia with the timbric language of experimental electronics. It was presented live in the last edition of Mutek Festival in Barcelona. During his brief career, Crnds has collaborated with artists such as Cibrán Seixo, Sandra Monfort, Clara Fiol and Fransy González.

Álvaro Chior

Álvaro Chior is a multidisciplinary artist born in A Coruña. His work, which combines disciplines such as sculpture, sound and film, has been exhibited in institutions such as Reina Sofía National Art Museum (Madrid), CC Can Felipa (Barcelona), Sala Amadís Injuve (Madrid), Matadero (Madrid), DA2 Domus Artium 2002 (Salamanca), Las Cigarreras (Alicante), Etopia: Center of Art and Technology (Zaragoza), as well as in other countries such as USA, México, Italy and Scotland.

Fransy González

Fransy González is one of the most representative voices of Galician traditional music. When she was very young, she became part of the Xiradela group of tambourine players, which led to the creation of a research group with the aim of compiling traditional songs in the region of Bergantiños. This experience left an indelible mark on Fransy's vital and professional trajectory, giving her direct access to the sources: the Galician informants in the 80s. In this way she carried out an intense work of recovery and dissemination of the traditional folk repertoire.

Throughout her career, Fransy has recorded and collaborated with artists such as Carlos Núñez, Dulce Pontes, Jordi Savall, Erik Marchand, Kepa Junkera and The Chieftains, among others. She is currently presenting her most recent project, together with Cibrán Seixo and Davide Salvado.