Somos La Herencia ft. espírituescalera A/V + Óscar Martín

Sala Capitol |

22:00 h doors opening at 21:30 h

Free and open to the public, get tickets in advance at the Zona C. Punto de Información Cultural (Plaza de Cervantes) box office two days before the show

Somos La Herencia ft. espírituescalera A/V

Somos La Herencia

These are strange times indeed, quite dark in many ways. Complacency, censorship, and violence rule many aspects of our lives. However, the sounds that reign supreme in contemporary music do not capture the sordid atmosphere of the times. This is going to change with Madrid's Somos La Herencia, one of the best kept secrets in the Spanish underground. Their debut album Dolo (Humo Internacional, 2020), is a sonic prayer book that is destined to be the soundtrack of this era. Hard as an iron fist, with raw songs about grief and sorrow enveloped in confrontational darkness; a cross between post-punk angst, experimental electronica, atmospheric dark-wave, and a touch of witch-house influenced pop. It all coalesces into a hypnotic, ritualistic performance, bridging the gap between rock music and experimental electronics, where minimalist sound design crashes headlong into maximalist punk abrasiveness. 



Espírituescalera is a film collective founded in the winter of 2014 by Antonio Llamas and Lucas G. Torralbo, with the intention of exploring the possibilities and apparent limits of the moving sound image.

So far, their works have travelled to many international film festivals such as DocLisboa, Malaga Festival, FICVIÑA, Minsk Listapad or Riga IFF, among others. They have also been exhibited at several architecture biennials, such as the Venice Biennale 2018 or the First Women's Biennale of Rabat 2019, and in spaces such as Matadero - Madrid or La Fábrica de Armas in Oviedo.

Their project La insurrección que viene has recently received one of the Matadero Crea Grants for audio-visual creation.

They are also co-founders of Carnicería, a creative space that they share with other film collectives and colleagues from other creative disciplines and are currently in the post-production process of three projects: Mitología de barrio, Dulcinea - La Llorona, and Lectura íntegra de “La sociedad del espectáculo” en Atenas a la primera

At the same time, they are also developing their first fiction feature film, Laguna.

Óscar Martín

Oscar Martín a.k.a noish, Winterthur 1977 

Óscar is a sound artist, independent researcher and programmer based in Barcelona. His output can be understood as a knowledge device where art, science and technology hybridize and converge from an unorthodox and experimental approach. With regards to sound, his pieces aim to encourage an active listening and expand perception through the physical-acoustic experience derived from the phenomenon of structures and patterns emerging on the borderline between chaos and order.

His sound works have been released on Free Software Series, Nyapster, Drone Records and Tecnonucleo, among other labels, and have been presented live in Europe and Latin America. Martin is also behind the experimental streaming platform MetaminaFNR and is co-editor of the aural culture and experimental music magazine Ursonate Fanzine. He has also conducted numerous workshops with open source creation tools (FLOSS) focusing on generative systems and computer music.


*This concert contains sequences of flashing lights and imagery that may affect photosenstive viewers.