Dame Area + Yung Prado + DA ROCHA UM

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Dame Area

Dame Area are Silvia Konstance and Viktor L. Crux (also a member of Futuro de Hierro, Ordre Etern or Qa'a, and occasional collaborator of Nurse With Wound and Jochen Arbeit of Einstürzende Neubauten). They mix synthesizers and live percussion, industrialism and tribalism. Some people call them tribal wave, others Latin EBM; some refer to them as techno-punk and others as industrial post-punk.

Their previous LP, Ondas tribales, was released in April 2021 on Berlin's Mannequin Records, and sold out in a few months. It has just been re-released. Their latest work, "Esto me pertenece" is an industrial mix of EBM, metallic percussion and atypical rhythms, plus the minimalist spirit of Suicide hovering over every note.

Dame Area never lose sight what matters, which isn’t the thick drums, the numbing synthesizers or the percussion, but attitude. And despite the overt darkness, everything on Dame Area is a great incitement to reclaim what belongs to us: the present.

Yung Prado

Yung Prado is part of Mainline, the leading collective of the Barcelona electronic scene. He has released music on international labels such as MMODEMM Frankfurt and Dj Seinfeld's Young Ethics. His debut ¿Qué pasa? EP has been played in big events such as the Boiler Room x Telekom Electronic Beats Budapest 2020 as well as on the prestigious NTS Radio in London.

No style no rules!


In parallel to his studies and research in visual arts, Da Rocha has developed his career as a DJ and electronic music producer in Galicia (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Marseille (France) as well as Madrid and Barcelona, where he lives and works. He has collaborated with dance companies and artists such as Kor'sia, laSADCUM, Richard Mascherin and Somadamantina, and his mixes have been broadcast on radio stations such as NOODS, Ma3azef, Radio Primavera Sound, Dublab.es, and Radio Relativa.

Both in his individual productions and in his collaborations, his sound combines strong industrial percussive lines with ambient fragments which evoke nostalgia and contemplation. His sources of inspiration range from experimental avant-garde sounds to religious and traditional music samples from different continents, which are very present in many of his own pieces as well as those in which he collaborates.