Beatrix Weapons LIVE + Ryoichi Kurokawa A/V

Sala Capitol |

22:30 h doors opening at 21:30 h


Beatrix Weapons LIVE

Spanish artist Beatrix Weapons is one of the newest promises of the avant-garde electronic scene in her country. An experimental music producer, thinker and visual artist, her output takes the shape of post-harmonic melodies, digital frequencies, and sharp rhythms which coalesce into evolving textures during her sets.

She has left her mark on renowned international labels such as Infinito Audio, Promesses and, more recently, Berlin's Soul Feeder.

A multidisciplinary project that tackles ambitious sound concepts from the DJ booth, with influences ranging from IDM to glitch, techno and industrial music. 

Ryoichi Kurokawa A/V

—ruins: the remains of human-made architecture—

 s.asmbli / subassemblies is a project which pursues the relationship between nature and human-made constructions through a perspective of architectural scale. This is translated into different presentation formats such as a concert piece, multiscreen installations, prints, VR, and a screening version. 

The main sources for this project are 3D data obtained by laser scanning human-made architecture, as well as ruins and natural landscapes. These are distorted and reconstructed into each module as subassemblies to create a renewed timeline with layers of order and disorder while exposing both the forces of nature and art.

Ruins, buildings overrun by nature, and architectures in disrepair are superimposed and rebuilt dynamically, and subsequently rendered in multiple layers to create the impression of floating amongst natural landscapes and human constructions, between abstract and concrete phenomena via the transition, destruction and renaturation of its elements. Motion produced by the cancellation of physical laws, as well as the hybridization of natural and artificial components, and the transposition of entropy and negentropy enhance these strange fenomena.

The concert version of subassemblies is composed of single screen, surround lighting and a 4.1ch sound system. The re-assembli installation version is constructed by re-plotting materials and build into space with 4 surround screens and 4.1ch sound. On the other hand, in s.asmbli is constructed as an alternative rendering of a 360º VR piece and s.asmbli [wall] is another immersive cube projection with a quadraphonic installation.


  • Concept, direction, composition, programming: Ryoichi Kurokawa
  • Producer: Nicolas Wierinck
  • Co-production: LOXOSconcept (Matera 2019), MUTEK, Stereolux/ Scopitone, TodaysArt
  • Acknowledgment: FUTUR 21/ LWL and LVR industrial museums
  • Produced by Studio RYOICHI KUROKAWA

With the support of Fundación Japón.