Iván Nespereira & Andrés Rodriges A/V ft. INCRA + Sofia + Eva Geist & Maria Torres present "Aqua Mantras"

Igrexa da Universidade |

21:30 h doors opening at 21:00 h


Iván Nespereira & Andrés Rodriges A/V ft. INCRA

Incra is an audio-visual proposal that, through the semiotics of image and sound found in ironwork, presents an industrial show that experiments with the abstraction of the elements in a forge. To do so, it iconoclastically fuses this with a deconstruction of bagpipe music, proposing a non-identitarian vision of the instrument that allows the artists to seek new horizons and create an absorbing and intense visual and aural landscape.

After more than three years of musical and anthropological research, Andrés Rodrigues presents this conceptual proposal in which he joins Iván Nespereira on visuals to create spaces of sensorial abstraction in which spectators are immersed in a deconstructed work environment which invites them to revisit and move through workplaces and trades. With the aid of Basque producer Xabier Erkizia and field recordings of the Mazonovo ironworkers in Santalla de Ozcos (Asturias, Spain) the show takes an in-depth look at iron, mineral and water, allowing the audiences to assimilate a new aural and visual vocabulary.


Sofia is the combination of simple loops with a soft, shy voice which gathers strength by its progressive multiplication into harmonies via forceful phrasing. Underlying these elements are distortions and ambiences accompanied by mid-tempo and fast lo-fi rhythms. Sofia’s compositions are minimalist and dreamlike, also ironic and sometimes raw; soap capsules that, when bitten, transport us to trippy bedroom pop soundscapes: sarcastic and innocent love and rage mixed with medieval and Mediterranean motifs —broken synthesizers, bells, noise and flowers.

Eva Geist & Maria Torres present "Aqua Mantras"

Sound designer, live performer and producer based in Berlin, Andrea studied Performative Arts and New Media in Rome.From 2010 Andrea was formerly part of the synth pop duo le Rose. In 2013 she moved to Berlin and released “Magic Mirror”, first EP as solo artis. In 2016 she accomplished an advanced training in sound design and gave birth to her alter-ego Eva Geist. The EP Dniheb on french label Macadam Mambo came out in 2016. Geist's music builds up a cinematic musical journey around rarefied melodies, arpeggiators, soft beats and space disco. "Drum box bossa and trance inducing synthesis" braid an enigmatic story which counterparts are modern tribalism and spiritual technocracy. Her first album "Äquator System" was released by the american independent label Elestial Sound (tape/digital).

Together with Laura ODL (Ondula), Geist is half of the duo As Longitude (Knekelhuis /NH).