Adaora & Video2 A/V

Teatro Principal |

22:30 h

Adaora & Video2 A/V


Adaora is a multidisciplinary artist whose music crystallises a diffuse identity, a mixture of transgenerational migration, uprooting and constant search, offering a cathartic experience to better come to terms with life. Trained in classical music but open to all manner of influences, her output walks the line between pop and experimental music, showcasing her great vocal talent.


Video2 is a collective formed by filmmakers Alfonso Riera and Fede Coll. The projects they carry out are always marked by the need to express two ideas joined together... Mudguards. Flamethrower. Hail Mary. Trivet. Sunflower. Crestfallen. Hand bashers. Tongue twister. Tablecloth. Photo-book. Big spender. Cauliflower. Aquamarine. Football. World map. Bigmouth. Christmas Eve. Windshield. Can opener. Cemetery.

Although the one they like the most is “deaf and dumb”.