Awkward Moments A/V + Mbodj & Akyute A/V

Sala Capitol |

21:30 h doors opening at 21:00 h

Free and open to the public, get tickets in advance at the Zona C. Punto de Información Cultural (Plaza de Cervantes) box office two days before the show

Awkward Moments A/V

Awkward Moments are a London-based duo comprising Mimi Xu, producer & electronic composer, and MAGUIRE, multi instrumentalist and lead vocalist.

They premiered their debut album An Entropic Cycle at Houghton Festival, and released it in March 2020. It was featured on the Spotify editorial playlist The Loft and DFA’s Archived Selection playlist. In 2020 they were commissioned to make a live visual mixtape for System Magazine, they performed at HÖR Berlin, and started their ongoing radio show on OpenLab Radio. Last year they premiered their new multimedia performance A Strange Time at Madrid’s avant-garde electronic music festival She Makes Noise. In 2021 they released their protest club track “Metacurse” in collaboration with Ghost Culture which featured on New Music Friday.

Their most recent release —A Strange Time EP— was released in March 2022 and was featured on Apple Music’s Electronic Daily playlist.

Awkward Moments represent a unique voice in contemporary and immersive performative art. Their live shows inhabit the edginess of experimental art presentations, firmly rooted in the solid foundations of their multifold crafts ranging from music composition, film scoring, narration, live performance, costuming, videography and projection content.

A collaboration between Awkward Moments and digital artists Anisph & Pablo Alpe – this site-specific mixed media performance entitled A Strange Vision follows two extra-terrestrial beings as they grapple with the challenges of introducing AI technology to planet earth. Mankind’s physical and digital dissolve lead to the destruction of the world as we know it - but out of death comes rebirth and the potential for euphoric bliss. In this journey of awakening that moves between 2D and 3D experiences, as part of their performance they will also premier the short film Life on Venus directed by Norbert Schoerner, inviting us into his desolate but delightfully camp neon megalopolis dreamworld that warps the boundaries of self, time and place.

Mbodj & Akyute A/V


Akyute is the artistic duo formed by Natalia Gima and Magdalena Hart, and based in Barcelona since 2019. In their work they use technology as a tool to integrate nature into the digital age, unifying interactive experiences, audio-visual arts, and generative sound. Akyute is inspired by a collective vision in which interaction is organic and very much alive, humanity is sentient and communication among species is fluid, challenging the way in which we experience living ecosystems. Together they seek to expand environmental awareness through art, design, technology, and speculative imagination.

The unfolding narrative for the generative real-time visuals deployed through Mbodj’s set recovers the concepts that define our solar system, moving through an ethereal digital landscape both visual and aural towards an earthly experience.


Maguette Dieng is a DJ and programmer from Barcelona who is dedicated to disseminating music on several fronts. On the one hand, she DJs under the name Mbodj, playing at different venues in the city such as Razzmatazz, Apolo and Laut, among others, and at festivals such as Mutek, Sonar and Loom.

She is also co-founder of the musical collective Jokkoo, formed by six members of the African diaspora living in Barcelona. Together with them, she has a monthly radio programme on Dublab.es, where they broadcast electronic and experimental roots sounds from Africa and its global diaspora.