Ivankovà + Chior A/V + Severine Beata + Loopitas A/V

Sala Capitol |

22:30 h doors opening at 22:00 h


Ivankovà + Chior A/V

Ivankovà is the solo project of Irene de La Cueva, an artist and composer based in Madrid. In her work she investigates the idea of trance music based on emotionality, with a therapeutic vocation that takes up and reinterprets new age as a genre. Using mantra and repetition in long, evolving compositions, Ivankovà takes us through soundscapes that embody her vision of the gothic spectrum and neo-medieval fantasy, in which long drones of analogue organ, synthesizers and ethereal vocal compositions hold the spotlight.

Ivankovà has self-released two EPs, in 2015 and 2019, and a split EP with Biscayan artist Garazi Gorostiaga (Crystal Mine, 2021). Mogut’ Yun, her debut LP, was produced with the support of the Centro de Residencias Artísticas de Matadero Madrid and released on 22 April of 2021. The album has been released under her recently created label Eternal Recordings, in a bid to consolidate the national ambient scene.


Álvaro Chior

Álvaro Chior is a multidisciplinary artist born in A Coruña. His work, which combines disciplines such as sculpture, sound and film, has been exhibited in institutions such as Reina Sofía National Art Museum (Madrid), CC Can Felipa (Barcelona), Sala Amadís Injuve (Madrid), Matadero (Madrid), DA2 Domus Artium 2002 (Salamanca), Las Cigarreras (Alicante), Etopia: Center of Art and Technology (Zaragoza), as well as in other countries such as USA, México, Italy and Scotland.

Severine Beata + Loopitas A/V

In this live audiovisual show by multi-instrumentalist Severine Beata and visual artist Beatriz Sánchez, sounds and projected images are woven together under a common thread of retro-futuristic unreality, Dada reminiscences and musical experimentation.

Severine Beata

Severine is a Spanish musicologist and multi-instrumentalist: transverse flute, saxophone, synthesizers, drum machines, voice… Her music suggests an organic approach to electronic music, with structures based on melodic and textural development, searching for the instrument's own language as an aesthetic key.

She publishes under the alias Severine Beata and her latest album, El ojo brillante (2018), has obtained positive reviews and great feedback in different media, being scheduled at many festivals and exhibitions such as Reina Sofía Museum, Bilbao Arte, MEM Bilbao, Fem Tek and Centro José Guerrero, among others.

As a music teacher in public high schools, she carries out her work in compensatory education centers in Andalucía, Spain, developing sound and radio experimentation projects aimed at teenage students. She currently lives in Andalucía, combining her teaching with concerts and sound research.

Beatriz Sánchez

She is a cartoonist, performer, audiovisual creator and digital activist. Her work develops on many different fronts, analysing how heteronormative discourse has an impact on both our current information society and ourselves. 

Her works have received several mentions through BilbaoArte, Iniciarte, Caostica, NU2’s, the Rafael Botí Foundation, VAD Festival or Daniel Vázquez Díaz, among others, and they are being presented at numerous festivals, channels, collectives and fairs such as Arco, Estampa, Cosmopoética, Sâlmon, DVDanza Habana, Metrópolis RTVE, TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, CaixaForum Barcelona, ​​IDN, La Casa Encendida, Centro José Guerrero and Injuve, among others.

She currently lives in Bilbao, where she combines her artistic work with producing music videos for popular national and international bands. She is also focused on creative pedagogy and teaches video creation workshops in cultural centers across Spain, Europe and America.