Artur M Puga + Cruhda + Adataberna A/V

Salón Teatro |

22:00 h doors opening at 21:30 h


Artur M Puga

Artur is a Spanish sound artist, researcher and composer whose works include sound installations, film and performance soundtracks, sound design and live electronic music performance.

His work is an ode to zazen: the surgical neatness of the sounds and the open silent spaces lead the listener into a kind of vacuum where what is real becomes an illusion.

The hypnotic frequencies annihilate every trace of thought, resulting in a universal vacuousness. A delicate sound structure dominated by pure sine tones and algorithmic textures that transports the listener into a time in suspension where the void reveals itself as absolute truth.

Artur M. Puga seems to suggest some kind of inter-human (but not interpersonal) communication which cannot be apprehended through any logical thought structure, only via the senses. His work has been shared, exhibited and performed in different countries around the world such as South Korea, Japan, Spain, Germany and the UK.

Cruhda + Adataberna A/V

Rooted in the landscapes and beats that make up her memory, this second project by Cruhda pushes the themes she tackled in her first work one step further. The Alcarria, an immensity of gorges and shadows between the provinces of Guadalajara, Madrid and Cuenca thus becomes one of the fundamental settings of this new album, and much more. This time the rivers and seas that furrow and surround the Iberian Peninsula, the fine and dark veins of this land, the blood that flows into the sea mixing with the salt, the stubble that burns in the forest to start a new cycle of life, the metals and flashes of light and fire that forge tools, will be the context of new songs, sounds, burnings, and battles to be fought.  In this concert the work of Cruhda will be joined by the incredible visuals of Judith Adataberna. Images and sounds as weapons to confront the tremors that threaten our earth. Within the darkness there is a bronze light, a desire, and a blinding hope for emancipation.

For millennia they have sown wheat in this land. It rained little, and now less. But women knew how to sing to the wind.

Cruhda is the musical project of Paula Gómez de Caso, an artist who spent the first years of her life in Meco playing procession marches and pasodobles with her clarinet in the town's municipal band. At the age of eighteen she decided to leave the solitude of the Castilian steppe to study at the UAM (Madrid). It was there where she began her own musical and political journey and met her first companions with whom she battled in the street as well as artistically. With a degree in Philosophy, her artistic and musical work investigates themes such as emancipation, memory, mourning, death, and sisterhood. She has participated in collectives such as Vaciador 34 and Nosaltres and has been a member of post-punk and electronic bands such as Yocasta, Difunta Calva and Crin Aeris. In 2019, Cruhda's first EP, Íbera Morte, was released on vinyl by Humo Internacional (2020), produced by Avel and Hartosopash. She has recently played at venues such as Ithaka Festival, Cans, Sala Siroco, Continuo, Hybrid Art Fair, Eufonic Festival, Link, ETOPIA (Art and Technology Museum of Zaragoza) or the Reina Sofia Museum.

Judith Adataberna is a visual artist who has developed her imagination through experimental cinema, photography, and video-installation. She was trained in Fine Arts and completed her studies with a scholarship from the Master-LAV Experimental Film Laboratory (Madrid). Born into a fishing family, she spent her childhood on top of an oyster harvesting platform, observing nature and its phenomenology. Her interest in psychology and the mysteries of consciousness have been key to formulating simulative works aiming to challenge scales and thresholds of perception. Her concern for survival mechanisms and technological evolution has led her to ask questions regarding human disconnection from nature. Her work has been screened at festivals such as Curtocircuíto, Filmadrid, Bendita Tú, Intersección and galleries and spaces such as the Sim Gallery (Reykjavik), Venice Art Projects, Hybrid Art Fair (Madrid) and the Museum of Art and Technology ETOPIA of Zaragoza. At the same time, she has applied her vision to the work of other musicians and designers such as Cruhda and Rubearth.