Live A/V, conciertos and performances


Curtocircuíto has been a benchmark of experimental cinema in Spain for almost 20 years. It was precisely this explorative nature that led the festival to transcend conventional film exhibition spaces and feature live sessions of expanded cinema, electronic music, and other forms of visual avant-garde art. It was a natural evolution of the festival’s Explora section. In the last ten years, Curtocircuíto has consolidated a programme that goes beyond cinema to flood the city's concert halls with interdisciplinary proposals that tread new ground when it comes to audio-visual language.

This year's line-up of A\V shows and concerts will be headlined by Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, who will be performing - with the support of Fundación Japón - his A\V show "s.asmbli / subassemblies" on Friday, October 7. Using analogue as well as digitally generated materials, Kurokawa creates audio-visual installations that bend time through video projections and audio recordings. A show that merges image and multi-channel sound into a single entity. On Saturday, October 8, Italian producer Lorenzo Senni —one of the most respected in his field— will continue to question any pre-established notions of what dance music is. His approach to 90s rave culture and his far-out live shows are crucial to understanding his output. Senni will be performing one of his memorable sets at the Sala Capitol, a sort of minimalist cross between dance music and hedonistic trance. London's Awkward Moments will kick off the festival on October 1, also at the Capitol, with their A Strange Time show (in collaboration with visual artists Ana Piquer and Pablo Miguel Álvarez), weaving electronic analogue rhythms around atmospheric vocals to capture the relationship between the tangible and the ethereal, between order and fragmentation. These concepts are reinforced through the projection of abstract images in movement. That same night, MBODJ + Akuyte A\V (from Barcelona and Valencia respectively) will bring their ground-breaking show to the stage —heavily influenced by their experience as members of the African diaspora— mixing advanced gqom, IDM and post-club electronica together with the visuals created by Akuyte.

A special place in this year’s musical line-up belongs to INCRA, the show developed by musician Andrés Rodrigues (Asturias, Spain) and photographer Iván Nespereira (from Compostela), which is premiering internationally at Curtocircuíto. An A\V show that, through the semiotics of image and sound present in ironworking, presents an industrial performance that experiments with the abstraction of the forge, merging it with an iconoclastic deconstruction of bagpipe music —thus, proposing a non-identarian vision of the instrument. Incra allows us to seek new horizons, creating an absorbing and intense aural and visual experience at the same time.

The musical line-up of this 2022 edition also includes, on one the hand, a live AV show by Italian producer and sound designer Eva Geist, who moves between modern tribalism and spiritual technocracy and will be showcasing her project Aqua Mantras, together with visuals by artist Maria Torres. This is a hybrid proposal that revolves around the idea of water and the preservation of the aural and visual legacy of planet Earth. On the other hand, experimental music producer Beatrix Weapons (one of the most promising newcomers on the Spanish electronic music scene) will be performing her latest work, a multidisciplinary project based on an IDM, glitch, and industrial sounds. 

On top of this, we’ll be able to enjoy a performance by Compostela-based producer Juait who, melding avant-garde and breakbeat, is one of the up-and-coming names in Galician electronic music; and the DJ set of Vigo-born but Barcelona-based producer Da Rocha Um, whose approach to experimental music merges multiple genres such as bass, ambient, punk, industrial, and spoken word.

The musical line-up also includes concerts by Barcelona producer Yung Prado (member of Mainline), who refuses to follow any rules, allowing himself to be genuinely transformed by music as a liberating force; the synth-wave of Sofia (from the Balearic islands) with her minimalist and dreamlike compositions which veer hypnotically between layers of vocal harmonies and her forceful phrasing; and synth duo Dame Area with their wild industrial show, honed to perfection after five years touring the EU nonstop, their melodies and rhythms balancing rawness and compassion in equal measure.

Finally, Curtocircuíto would like to welcome singer and composer Adaora (from Murcia, Spain), who follows her own muse, incorporating all kinds of influences in her quest for artistic expression. She will be accompanied by live celluloid visuals made by Video 2, a visual art collective comprised of Fede Coll and Alfonso Riera.

Additionally, Curtocircuíto will be collaborating with the Compostela-based electronic music collective Bombo a Negras in a programme that will complete the festival's opening night, featuring Cardopusher, Emilia Grima and Fullaplaza as guest artists.