Playlist: films blending language and music


Live music is one of Curtocircuíto’s founding blocks. However, the festival also looks at the different ways in which to portray and document music. Playlist is the result of this concern. Featuring five diverse documentary films, with subjects ranging from bands such as Idles or La Polla Records to the history of the female pioneers of electronic music. 

No somos nada, Javier Corcuera's documentary about legendary punk band La Polla Records, led by Evaristo Páramos, will be screened at the festival after its premiere in San Sebastian. Gael Herrera, founder of Curtocircuíto, is the documentary’s executive producer.  

Five films that do not just film music but use it to bend the rules of language to their advantage, as is the case with Stop, a musical documentary about band Doble Pletina; or Don't Go Gentle: a Film about Idles, where the fans’ stories are as crucial as the band's history; or Hier, where music is transformed into a political tool to question the establishment.

List of selected films in Playlist: 

  • Don't Go Gentle: A Film About Idles, by Mark Archer. 2020 - United Kingdom.

  • Hier, by Wendelien van Oldenborgh. 2021 - Netherlands.

  • We are nothing, by Javier Corcuera. 2021 - Spain.

  • Sisters with Transistors, by Lisa Rovner. 2020 - United Kingdom. 

  • Stop, by Stanley Sunday. 2021 - Catalonia (Spain)-

Curtocircuíto - International Film Festival of Santiago de Compostela is organised by the City Council of Santiago de Compostela and financed, among others, by the Diputación de A Coruña, AGADIC and the ICAA.