Online Meet with Todd Solondz


08.10.2022 | 17:30 h

Free, by order of registration | Registration form at the end of this page

Watching a Todd Solondz film means diving into an underworld of shady characters: misanthropic misfits, social outcasts, and suburban losers. His casts invariably feature —from his debut Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995) to Wiener-Dog (2018) via the most sordid, which is the one assembled in Happiness (1998)— legendary actresses and actors such as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Danny DeVito, John Goodman, or Heather Matarazzo who wander through a barren New Jersey, an endless suburbia that knows no hope.

With this meeting with Solondz, we are bringing back a classic Curtocircuíto section, "Signed By", in which we ask great filmmakers to act as festival curators by coming up with a selection of the films that have influenced them the most in their careers.

In this edition, we will have a double session including, on the one hand, the screening of Solondz’s selection of essential films (featuring films by Kenneth Anger, Paul Morrissey, Russ Meyer, or Satyajit Ray) and, on the other hand, an online meeting with the director (1h 30m) in which he’ll discuss his selection of films and other topics related to his work. The session will be divided by a ten-minute break.