Masterclass with Pilar Palomero

Teatro Principal

Domingo 2 | 12:30 h

Free, by order of registration | Registration form at the end of this page

Graduated in Photography Direction at the ECAM (Madrid), her short and medium-length films include titles such as Niño balcón, Noć, La noche de todas las cosas, Zimsko Sunce and her creative documentary Horta. In 2020 she released her first feature film, Las niñas, which garnered numerous awards such as 4 Goyas. Her latest project, La maternal, has competed in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival. In this masterclass, organised in collaboration with the ECAM, Pilar Palomero will tell us about her creative process in the making of her latest film La maternal. From the first word of the script to working with the actresses, the creative process permeates each of the different stages of production.