Representations of Metamorphosis

Wednesday October 6th | 6:00 pm | Facebook and Youtube

The discussion panel, being open to whatever arises during the conversation, starts with the relationship between audio-visual, the human body and movement. We want to talk about how to transcend the limits of dance as a living act (and, therefore, unrepeatable) and how the ephemeral is transformed when filmed, provoking a dialogue between the camera and the movement to provide the viewer with an active and immersive contemplation. We will also talk about different disciplines coexisting and how in these times, more than ever, we must rethink and adapt our artistic practice. 

Virginia Rota

Photographer and visual artist. Interested in performing arts, she works with international companies such as Peeping Tom, Laphármaco, Daniel Abreu or Janet Novás. Her photography work has been exhibited in Spain, Senegal, Portugal, Chile, Rio de Janeiro, Trieste (Italy), Milan and Guatemala. 

Helena Salgueiro

Helena Salgueiro is a performer, dancer, interpreter, and poet. Her work has been exhibited in national and international spaces and she has published two books of poetry. She has also taken part in poetry anthologies, translations, academic and cultural publications, and regularly teaches workshops in universities and festivals. She is the artistic director for ABAR, the platform of living arts.

Antonio Ruz

Choreographer and independent dancer, he is currently (and has been for years) one of the most outstanding creators in Spain. His output, developed while leading his own company, is based on his fascination with the openness of dance. In 2020 he premiered Electra (2017) with the Spanish National Ballet. His latest creations include Gugurumbé (2020), in collaboration with Fahmi Alqhai/Accademia del Piacere; Signos (2021) with violinist Isabel Villanueva; In Paradisum (2021) with the Compañía Nacional de Danza; or La noche de San Juan (2021), an unpublished ballet by Roberto Gerhard co-produced by the Fundación Juan March and the Gran Teatro del Liceu. Ruz was awarded the RTVE Premio Ojo Crítico de la Danza in (2013) and the National Dance Award (2018) in the category of Creation.

Moderated by: Marta Ramos Yzquierdo

Idependent curator. Yzquierdo has a Degree in Art History from the Universidad Complutense, a Master in Cultural Management from the Instituto Ortega y Gasset, and as a curator she is part of ICI New York. From 2003 to 2015 she lived in Chile and Brazil, where she worked in different institutions and media. Back in Spain, she has been the director of LOOP Barcelona 2017, and a resident at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (2018-2019). She is currently a professor of Curatorial Practices of the Master of the SUR School (Univ. Carlos III, Círculo Bellas Artes), and also collaborates regularly with magazines El Cultural and A*Desk. Her projects and research revolve around the concept of work and the working conditions of artists as well as the analysis of hegemonic constructions in relation to history, time and its narratives.