I was Dennis Hopper's henchman

Friday October 9th | 6:00 pm | Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

The British director Alex Cox, author of cult works such as Repo Man, Sid and Nancy or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, takes us to the heart of his period in Almería’s desert. Straight to Hell Returns, a film programmed in this edition of Curtocircuíto, included the participation of counterculture icon Dennis Hopper. As a result of this film, Hopper and Cox formed a relationship of friendship that would last until the American actor’s death. This interview, conducted by the programmer David Bizarro, will revolve around that relationship.

Alex Cox

Alex Cox was born outside Liverpool in 1954. He has directed various feature films, including Repo Man, Walker, El patrullero and Tombstone Rashomon; produced election broadcasts for the UK Green Party; written books and screenplays; and acted in plays and films. He has lived in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tabernas (Almería) and Oregon.

David Bizarro

David Bizarro (A Coruña, 1979) likes to introduce himself as ‘a researcher of the paranormal and a medium of audiovisual media.’ He has penned articles on music and cinema for El País, Número Cero and Canino, explored the different aspects of the underground scene in collaborations for La Felguera, Karate Press and Libros Walden, and has collaborated with El Mundo Today on Cadena SER.