Photography: Fictions and simulations

Monday October 5th | 6:00 pm | Facebook and Youtube


Reality is stranger than fiction – and it is through fiction that we can cross reality. Taking three of the most interesting careers in European contemporary photography as a basis, we propose a dialogue on the language of photography. Each of the three participating artists is going their own way down those paths that (usually) start in reality to transcend the borders of the documentary genre, building worlds of fiction, fantasy and hyperreality.

Ricardo Cases

He was born in Orihuela, Alicante, in 1971, and holds a Degree in Information Sciences from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao. In 2006 he became a member of the photography group Blank Paper. In 2009 he launched the publishing house Fiesta Ediciones together with the designer Natalia Troitiño. He has published the books El porqué de las naranjas and Paloma al aire.

Antonio Xoubanova

He was born in Madrid. He studied photography at Madrid’s Arte 10 School. He created the group Blank Paper in 2003. He has published Casa de Campo (MACK) and Un universo pequeño (Ca l’Isidret). He has exhibited at Le Bal and the Arles International Festival. He is currently developing his project Graffiti, as well as designing books and curating exhibitions.

Cristina De Middel

A Spanish photographer who investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth. Blending documentary and conceptual approaches, her work plays with the reconstruction of archetypes and stereotypes that help to blur the reality-fiction divide. Her work shows us that, when it comes to understanding the world we live in, fiction may serve as a photographic tool as much as documentary language does, thus promoting a more critical gaze among audiences. In 2007, she won Spain’s National Photography Award and was appointed as member of the Magnum agency.