Titánides de la imagen: un encuentro con tres artistas visuales

Wednesday October 7th | 12:00 pm | Facebook and Youtube

This meeting will approach the work of three Spanish visual artists who have different projects but share the fact that they work with images, resignifying them and using new audiovisual codes. Through this initiative, Curtocircuíto wants to further question the conventions of film language and encourage the assimilation of narratives from other visual disciplines.

To do this, we will have the participation of:

Laura Tabarés 

Laura Tabarés (León, 1991; based in Galicia) is a cultural researcher, a visual artist and a memer. At present, she is a co-mother of Ontologías Feministas and an admin of @lapicarajustina. She goes about these tasks speaking of violences, humour and the various forms of affection and exhaustion, materialised in audiovisual lectures, curatorships, workshops and other random artefacts.

Beatriz Sánchez aka Loopitas

She is a multimedia agitator, draughtsperson, performer, troll and audiovisual creator specialising in homemade productions and low-tech stuff. She currently lives in Bilbao, where she combines the production of her artistic work with the development of music videos. She also engages in creative pedagogy and regularly teaches video creation workshops at different institutions.

Mayte Gómez

Mayte Gómez-Molina, original from Granada, is a Spanish writer and digital artisan currently studying a MFA in Film, Video, New Media and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ever since 2011, she has won several literary contests, among them is the XL Contest "María Agustina" in 2014 and "Málaga Crea" in 2018. 

Déborah García Sánchez - Moderadora

Déborah García Sánchez-Marín is a historian, a lover of the audiovisual world and a nomad. From those peripheries – her place of residence and her spirit – she seeks to fill in the gaps of official history and write about the voices that did not find their place in the passing of the centuries. She is also a co-founder of Visual404, a digital countercriticism space that liberates traditional audiovisual forms, and has collaborated with different media, including El País and El Salto.