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When the sound is the image

When we think about the cinema, we think of image and sound. However, the truth is that most films are built on words, on dialogues, as if it were theatre. Images and sounds can be more or less attractive, but they do not mean anything by themselves; they are at the service of a textual narrative.


There is another type of cinema, in which the image and the sound are not mere space holders, but rather a language in its own right that is both form and content. Even in this case, it is rare to find films that are at the same level. Unfortunately, most directors are more concerned with the visual rather than the sound.


But what happens when the visual and the sound are exactly the same, when images and sound interrelate so intimately that they appear to be fused instead of complementary? That is the question that we try to answer with this selection of films.


Blanca Rego, curator of When the sound is the image

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