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Sonic Lux

In Sonic Lux the aural experience is as important as the visual experience in the search for the synesthetic explosion, for the sensory deluge of the spectator. The program begins with the immersion in a dreamscape of The Origin of Dreams and BLUEFILM2 to crossover to the furious awakening of Between Regularity and Irregularity; In 20 Hz, forms emerge creating a geomagnetic storm whose data are interpreted as visual and sound waves and the circularity will also be the motive in Samadhi, a mystical quest for meditative consciousness; Papillon d'amour unfolds as Rashomon by Kurosawa to propose an Extreme Rorschach Test; and Office Suite and Spacy will finally place us in front of an introspective experience regarding the limit, not so much insofar as the two spaces that will be explored, but rather our own perception.


José Manuel López, Curator of Sonic Lux

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