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Works of any genre and nationality. A varied selection of titles that set trends at a global level, whether in fiction or animation or the documentary genre. Experienced filmmakers share this space with up-and-coming directors: short films that arrive at Curtocircuíto backed by multiple awards received in international festivals, and new works that Curtocircuíto wishes to promote.

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Radar 6

Teatro Principal

Length: 66m 16s

Les Proies

The Game

Marine des Contes

  • 2018
  • 53:00
  • France
  • DOC
  • COL

From the shelter of their cabin, hunters scan the autumnal sky in the Landes region of south-west France. Meticulously and patiently, they listen to the rustling of the forest, eagerly watching for the wood pigeons to fly overhead. In a strange choreography, they pull on the cords of their trap.

Spanish Premiere

On the Art of Set Design

On the Art of Set Design

Jan Ijäs

  • 2019
  • 13:16
  • Finland
  • EXP
  • COL

This film is based on North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong Il's (1942–2011) film-making treatise On the Art of Cinema, with a particular focus on the chapter titled, The Sets Should Reflect the Times, passages of which are read out by the narrator.

Spanish Premiere