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Works of any genre and nationality. A varied selection of titles that set trends at a global level, whether in fiction or animation or the documentary genre. Experienced filmmakers share this space with up-and-coming directors: short films that arrive at Curtocircuíto backed by multiple awards received in international festivals, and new works that Curtocircuíto wishes to promote.

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Radar 2

Teatro Principal

Length: 75m 32s

Mot Khu Dat Tot

Blessed Land

Pham Ngoc Lan

  • 2019
  • 18:32
  • Vietnam
  • FIC
  • B&W

An old woman and her son visit her late husband’s grave – situated in a former fishing village she hasn’t been to in decades. In the cemetery on the sandy dunes, they wander around for a long time without finding the headstone. Has her memory eroded, or has the grave been concealed somewhere underneath the green grass of the new golf courses?

Galician Premiere

27 Thoughts About My Father

27 Thoughts About My Father

Mike Hoolboom

  • 2019
  • 25:00
  • Canada
  • EXP, DOC
  • COL, B&w

In a series of 27 vignettes, the artist offers up memories of his father who died in June 2017. Using a mix of family footage (including two catastrophic moves, the last to a nursing home), snapshots and found footage, a portrait emerges of a genial ghost father, haunted by a war that sent his own father to a concentration camp, and which finally impelled his own move to Canada, where Mike Hoolboom grew up.



Manon Coubia

  • 2019
  • 32:00
  • Belgium, France
  • FIC
  • COL

One night. On deserted ski slopes, the night ride of the groomers is about to begin. Antoine, 25 years old, joins his team. In the middle of the world, the hypnotic ballet of the machines that tirelessly shape the landscape starts. Suddenly the mountain growls. Stopped in the night, Antoine begins a journey in between where the myths of a mountain both feared and venerated are embodied.

Spanish Premiere