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Novedades Carminha x Lois Patiño

If rock and roll is a state of mind, Novedades Carminha lives in the central area of the cortex, gentrifying it based on the absolute stripping of clichés and dynamiting genres, but bringing sensuality, sarcasm and melodies to hug on the outside and push on the inside. In the more than ten years and the four albums that have been released, every time they have tried to label the Compostelanos in a genre (punk, garage, rock, pop, surf, funk, indie) they have pissed on the carpet, and now they sound like all those accumulated odours. They have reconstructed their own formula and traced their own path. It’s not the Camino de Santiago, but here they come and to here they always return whenever necessary: just like Curtocircuíto now, with films to premiere and the urge to come back to replay what will be the soundtrack of the rest of your life.

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Novedades Carminha x Lois Patiño

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