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Like a mirror that looks at itself, Filmmakers x Filmmakers wants to think about cinema from the cinema standpoint. A space for comments, analysis and reflection of the work of dedicated authors from the point of view of their colleagues.

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Length: 63m 00s

Rock Hudson Home Movies

Rock Hudson Home Movies

Mark Rappaport

  • 1992
  • 63:00
  • USA
  • DOC
  • COL, B&W

A documentary about the career and eventual death from AIDS of actor Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson’s Home Movies is a compilation of privileged moments from various Hudson vehicles that, in one way or another, confirm or deny (and thus serve to reconfirm) the actor’s necessarily concealed homosexuality.. “It was all up there,” says Rock Hudson (Eric Farr) at the start of this rule-breaking, dizzying assortment of Filmclips from Rock Hudson’s Hollywood career that make up Mark Rappaport’s feature film, ROCK HUDSON'S HOME MOVIES. Employing a narrative commentary from beyond the grave, the film invents an eclectic form of biography. The closer you look at Hudson’s films, the more you see the actor winking at us.