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Carte Blanche | Joan Fontcuberta


Nowadays, we feel dragged along by an irresistible flow of images. If eschatology is allowed, we suffer from iconic diarrhoea. Internet is a faucet at our disposal from which images come gushing out. That excessive abundance produces both stunning and critical reaction. It stimulates, for example, the emergence of experimental audiovisual creations based on pure sequences of still images. The formula was not unknown in the history of cinema. The novelty now is that the story is relegated by the sensation of an explosion. The transition from one frame to another is no longer intended to generate movement but rather dizzying contrasts. It is the ecstasy of the post-photographic culture that has implanted the poetics of access and excess. 

The programming of this Carte Blanche is surprise.


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Carte Blanche: Joan Fontcuberta

Teatro Principal

Length: 75m 00s

Joan Fontcuberta

Joan Fontcuberta

  • 75:00

Joan Fontcuberta (Barcelona, 1955) is an artist, essayist, teacher and exhibition curator. His creative work has merited monographic exhibitions at the MoMA in New York (1988); the Art Institute in Chicago (1990); the IVAM in Valencia (1992); the MNAC in Barcelona (1999); ARTIUM in Vitoria (2003); the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris (2014); Science Museum in London (2014), and the Art Museum of the Bank of the Republic in Bogota (2016), among others.

As a teacher, he has been a visiting professor at different international institutions such as Harvard University and Le Fresnoy. Centre National des Arts Contemporains, in France. He has published numerous thematic books related to the history, aesthetics and pedagogy of photography: the two latest publications are  La furia de las imágenes. Nota sobre la postfotografía (Galaxia Gutemberg, Barcelona, 2016) and Revelacions (Arcàdia, Barcelona, 2019). 

In 2013, Joan Fontcuberta was awarded the international prize from the Hasselblad Foundation. In Spain, he received the National Photography Prize (1998) and the National Essay Prize (2011). En 2012, he received the National Visual Arts Culture Award from the Catalan Government and in 2016, the City of Barcelona Award in Essay and Humanities.