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Coffee with AGAG | Step outlining the intangible: The script in experimental narratives'

Salón Teatro |

19:30 h

A coffee, a moderator and a chat open to all kinds of perspectives. Under the epigraph of 'Escaletando the intangible: the script in the new experimental narratives', we will try to elucidate the different writing processes with which an experimental work is approached. As opposed to the classic Aristotelian narrative, we will discuss the script as a tool in some difficult pieces where it is hard to reach the paper margins. 

Moderated by: Marcos Nine
With the participation of: Dani Viqueira, Lucía Estévez, Sol Mussca (seleccionados en Planeta GZ y Supernova) and Paulo Rubal (AGAG Jury).

In collaboration with: