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Coffee with Proxecta: Interdisciplinarity in film festivals

ABANCA Cervantes |

12:00 h

In collaboration with  Proxecta. Coordinadora Galega de Festivais de Cinema, Curtocircuíto - International Film Festival organises a meeting with those responsible for different film festivals in Galicia, to converse about the festival as a place where the different arts intersect. From different perspectives and programming lines, this meeting is set up to discuss the strategies, objectives and challenges that film festivals face when combining different artistic disciplines under a programmatic line.

Proxecta is a non-profit association that focuses on the defence and valorisation of festivals, film screenings and audiovisual events in Galicia, as well as the promotion of artistic and cultural content and the values ​​that they promote. #Proxectaconstruye is a program of round table discussions that we hold throughout the year in the towns and on the dates in which the associated festivals take place. Open conversations in which we invite professionals, workers in film festivals and film and audiovisual screenings in Galicia, to talk about the issues that revolve around the organisation of these events.

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