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Esteban presents... 'Your Saturday night party'

Sala Capitol |

23:00 h

Free and open to the public

Wikipedia defines karaoke (カラオケ) as “a way of singing songs on song tracks following the lyrics of the song displayed on a screen and having all the respective musical accompaniment. Etymologically, it comes from the Japanese word kara (空), that means void; and oke, a Japanese abbreviation of the English word orchestra (オーケストラ, ōkesutora), orquesta. So it can be taken to mean an orchestra that plays with “a void”, without a singer. This makes it possible for anyone to use it as accompaniment for their singing.”

Karaoke is also a place for the exaltation of friendship, for drowning out broken hearts, for forgetting your pride and expressing everything that you would only be able to sing alone in your room. So, if you are one of those people who sings all the time, even if your friends tell you that you are terrible at it, this is your place. Karaoke, a place where there is no room for shame or blushing. 

Come and sing as a soloist, as a duo, in groups or to sing backup from the floor… Bring all your self-confidence with you; we are already putting the music on. And remember: Nobody is judging you!

For this event, we have an exceptional master of ceremonies, the legendary Esteban, who was half of Esteban & Manuel, a seasoned pro in a thousand charangas and in a thousand orchestras. And not only will he be our host, but he will also bring his piano to give us the splendour of his magic. Repeat with us: I will not miss that party, I will not miss that party...