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Vessel + Pedro Maia live A/V + Trifulca

Sala Capitol |

22:30 h doors opening at 22:00 h

7 €

Vessel + Pedro Maia live A/V


Acclaimed electronic producer and composer Sebastian Gainsborough started his career as a purveyor of left-field, bass driven electronica, using his unique sonic palate to create immersive composition that explores texture and tone, the organic and the man-made. His first album, Order of Noise (Tri Angle Records 2012) saw position himself as an artist at the vanguard of new British electronic music.

Punish, Honey (2014) involves abandoning the path that Vessel had followed until then, leaving aside the digital tools in favour of analogue hardware and hand-created instruments to develop a unique sonic palette. 

While conducting that exploration, Gainsborough composed Queen of Golden Dogs, his most solid and personal album. He combines iconic events of his entire career in order to create very elaborate and down deep compositions that connect with those new experimental proposals that he had discovered long ago. He combines orchestral strings with propulsive percussion to achieve a sound that is equally half Arnold Schoenberg and half Oneohtrix Point Never. Queen of Golden Dogs was released (again by Tri Angle) in 2018. A creative journey that ranges from rave hysteria to neoclassical pieces, including all kinds of vocal transitions. 

Live, he works with the acclaimed visual artist and long-time collaborator –Pedro Maia– director of the masterpiece that accompanies the main single from QOGD, Paplu. Maia creates a visual accompaniment that feeds on the immersive and visceral character of Gainsborough. Vessel is still a truly unique voice. Whatever his next step, it is likely to lead you to something different from everything you have ever heard before. 


Born in Vila do Conde (Portugal) 1983. Based in Berlin. 

Pedro Maia is a filmmaker that works predominantly with 16mm and 8mm film, pushing the boundaries and aesthetic of analogue cinema by manipulating the raw materials and challenging the traditional process, continually expanding the visual and technological heritage of classic film methods.

His films have been presented in several film festivals and galleries, such as Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art, MACBA Barcelona, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Mostra São Paulo, Curtas Vila do Conde, Indie Lisboa, amongst others.

He has presented solo performances as well collaborations with several musicians such as Vessel, Shackleton, Visionist, Jacaszek, Shxcxchcxsh, Tropic of Cancer, Craig Leon, Demdike Stare, Lee Ranaldo, Fennesz, Porto Remix Ensemble, with presentations of these in leading festivals like Sonar, Unsound, Berlin Atonal, All Tomorrow’s Party, Mutek, Dekmantel, TaicoClub Japan, Red Bull Music Academy, as well in renowned institutions like The Barbican, Serralves Museum, CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Eye Film Museum, Contemporary Cultural Center of Valencia, Caixa Forum Barcelona, etc.



Trifulca is the new project from the Compostelanos, Carlos Gómez and Guillermo Cavero, both prolific artists who have been part of musical projects such as Puma Pumku and Vozzyow. Now they have put aside the guitars and immersed their ambitions in electronic music, dark techno and quakin bass. It is music that invites us to navigate towards aggressive rhythms that touch on tech punk and industrial textures that embellish the abstract no-wave of the 80's. They are about to release new material and consolidate some really promising dates at the end of the summer.