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Javier Martín + Marta Verde + Artur M. Puga featuring RŪGA live A/V

Teatro Principal |

22:30 h doors opening at 22:15 h

5 €

Javier Martín + Marta Verde + Artur M. Puga featuring RŪGA live A/V

Body, image in motion and modular synthesis articulated through improvisation, feedback and the study of rhythm and light. Textures, noise and vibration in real time. 

“Order comes through the noise. Complexity created from noise ”, Henri Atlan, Entre el cristal y el humo [Between Glass and Smoke].


  • Image: Marta Verde
  • Modular synthesis: Artur M. Puga
  • Body and movement: Javier Martín                        

Javier Martín

Javier Martín is a choreographer and researcher. He developed a research project –epistemological and critical– focusing on the arts of movement. His professional career constitutes a firm commitment to the search for new languages and movement textures.

Martín has released more than 30 works, such as SOMA (2019), Black Method (2018), The Exform (2017), Symptoma (2016), Control (2015), Oximórica (2015)... presenting his works in Spain, France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay.

He has collaborated with artists from different disciplines, such as the great Russian pianist, Oleg Karavaichuk, in the Symptoma project, the photographer and filmmaker, Tono Mejuto, in the dance film Qviasma (2017) and the contemporary music ensemble Vertixe Sonora in Brumario (2018). In 2017, the University Museum of Navarra (MUN) published Javier Martín. Cuaderno de Creación, the first monographic catalog on his work.

Marta Verde

Pontevedra, 1985. Visual artist and creative programmer, Marta Verde graduated in Fine Arts and specialised in Media Arts and digital technologies as it applies to the Performance Arts. She programmed Fab Academy which specialises in digital fabrication.

Verde creates visuals, interactive and generative graphics, custom electronic devices, wearables and interactive installations for musicians,  dance and theatre companies, artists, designers, institutions, advertisers, along with developing dynamic and interactive lighting design; always looking for the fusion between art, creativity and technology.

Her work is constructed through the use of custom built software and hardware specific to each visual set, making it possible for her to manipulate all the content in real time and to explore the limits of visual noise, repetition and the link between the organic and the electronic.

Marta Verde has participated in festivals such as Primavera Sound, MIRA, WOS, Sonic Arts Waterford, Nos Em D ́Bandada, Seminci, Luz y Vanguardias, Keroxen, Trendelenburg, Dual Club, Transdisciplina, Suena Conde Duque, among others.

As a teacher, she has taught classes, given workshops and hackathons on interaction, technology and digital fabrication at institutions such as Makers of Barcelona, Fundación Telefónica, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, IED Madrid, Makespace Madrid, Medialab-Prado, La Casa Encendida, among others. She is currently an instructor at Fab Academy in Fab Lab IED Madrid.

Artur M. Puga

Artur M. Puga graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. A multidisciplinary artist, his work encompasses both plastic manifestations, with various exhibitions under his belt, such as various musical projects and his participation in artistic action groups. For some years, his work has focused on exploring sound through modular synthesis and its intersection with digital media.

Puga’s work also explores the confluences between sound and other means of artistic expression such as experimental films, video installation and performance. His work has been seen in different museums and festivals throughout our country as well as in countries such as England, Germany or South Korea.