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Nightcrawler + 16Pineapples + Narcoleptica

Sala Capitol |

22:30 h doors opening at 22:00 h

7 €


Synthwave and Darksynth are the fundamental foundations of  Nightcrawler’s sound universe, inspired by the sounds of horror soundtracks of the 80s and science fiction films, combining these ingredients with electronic rhythms and dark atmospheres.

In 2014, Nightcrawler released their first album, Metropolis, with which their name began to reverberate and echo on the synthwave scene. In 2015, they released Strange Shadows EP on vinyl with the One Way Static Records Label. The uniqueness of vinyl, which imitates a circular saw, made it out-of-stock within a few hours and turned this work into a much sought after piece by lovers of dark electronics and vinyl collectors.

Nightcrawler has just launched their second studio album, Beware of the Humans, released on vinyl by the Austrian Electronic Purification Records Label and it was selected by the magazine Mondo Sonoro as one of the 10 best national electronic music albums, and at the same time as the new album, they composed the soundtrack for the retrofuturist video game inspired by the 80's “Jägermeister Galaxy Hunter”. They have now kicked off their Live Tour in European capitals such as Berlin, London, Vienna, Budapest, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and at music festivals such as the Primavera Sound 2018.


16pineapples is composed of Olga (OMMA), Milan (Miel de Montagne) and Vincent (Miel de Montagne musician).

The group redefines the concepts and limits of live music by incorporating technologies that make any object interactive and thus playable.

Satellite of the Playtronica Studio, it redefines music by touch and develop a live concert exclusively composed of pineapple.

Playtronica is an international studio developing interactive experiences around music through technologies developed within it.

Through its interactive optics, Playtronica seeks to immerse the audience in a reality that merges touch, sound and technology. Everyday objects change their identity to redefine, in a creative and accessible way, the world around us and our relationship with it.


Narcoleptica is Beatriz Vaca making noise. Experimentation + mix of sound backgrounds + live-looping in a sonic stratification experience.

She has three self-produced albums: 'Narcoleptica', 'The Modular Explanation' and the still unreleased 'The Abyss'. She appears in numerous compilations, collaborative albums, Soundtracks and stage performances of Performance and Experimental Theatre, in which she usually performs live. Since 2007, she has dedicated herself to performing live music in concerts incessantly in more than a hundred venues and festivals worldwide. She has gone on several tours (Latin America 2014, Europe 2015, Spain 2016, France 2018), performing in Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Portugal, Holland, Germany, France, etc.

Narcoleptica proposes a shared scene in which to perform (not interpret) sounds that result from combining the arrangement with improvisation, seeking the truth in the moment. That truth is the result of time + presence. It invites you to listen by drifting into these sound spaces  to be inhabited, in which different vanishing points can be followed within a really intense, evocative and emotional atmosphere.