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Blixa Bargeld

Salón Teatro |

21:00 h doors opening at 20:30 h

18 €

Blixa Bargeld

Blixa Bargeld was born in 1959 in Berlin (West). In 1980 he formed the group EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN as lead vocalist. From 1984 to 2003 he was co-founder sideman and guitarist of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. He has performed numerous concert tours throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia and Japan. He works as a composer, singer, musician, performer, author, actor, director and lecturer in almost any field of interpretative art.

He has recently published Europa. Una letanía (Hurtado y Ortega Editores, 2019) that emerged from a tour in 2008, in which the author travels through Europe, observes and portrays it as a euphoric and boring city of itself that begins to fracture.



In his Solo Vocal Performance Blixa Bargeld explores the limits of the listener’s understanding of terms like “speech,” “sound,” and “music.” The audience witnesses a metamorphosis of Blixa’s distinctive voice as it creates acoustic architecture, sonorous spheres and cacophonous creatures out of the perceived “non-musical” building blocks of sentences, words and syllables. Whispers and screams, pleasing and indescribable sounds coalesce into a composition of orchestral scope consisting entirely of manipulated ad hoc recordings of Blixa Bargeld’s voice. The equipment used is minimal: the artist performs alone on-stage, with four feed pedals and a microphone. There are no pre-recorded samples, no backing tracks. Everything the audience hears is created live on stage. In the course of the evening, Bargeld’s voice proves capable of almost impossible acoustic creations, utilizing scientific theory, poetic ideas and philosophical games, all presented in Bargeld’s classy and ironic style.