Who are we

Curtocircuíto – International Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela, started in 2003 and was an initiative created by the City Council, with the intention of promoting filmmaking.

Fourteen editions later, Curtocircuíto  has reached a high national standing, working in direct contact with other European festivals. Short films from around the world compete within the Official Competition, and the Parallel Programmes provide a wide variety of lengths and formats, keeping the contemporary and the risk as references. This is a festival committed to its time, which supports creatorstraining and integration of citizenship within it. More than being a film festival, with its parallel activities and concerts, Curtocircuíto is a point of entertainment and cultural meeting.

Direction: Pela del Álamo 
General coordination: Martín Cañedo 
Programmers: Pela del Álamo, Pixi Arnoso, Jorge Rivero
Guests Coordination & Acreditations: Marta Díaz Rodríguez and Eduardo Pinillos 
Press: Miriam Rodríguez, Izaro Bo
Activities production: Pilar Parada, Coque Dosil
Concerts & Events production: Coque Dosil, Xulián Sambade
Production assistant: Jorge Po Hermo 
Catalogue & Web coordination: Jorge Rivero  
Translations: Veneatra Dambreville, Tania Domínguez, Carla González Vila
Technical direction & Print traffic: Pixi Arnoso
Subtitulado: Marián Sande, Natalia López Prieto
Design: Juan Junquera 
Video: Numax, Edición Rusa
Photographer: Aigi Boga 
Web: Numax 
Social Media: Nela Fraga 
Assistants: Alicia Alonso García, Emilio Horyaans

Auditorio de Galicia: Xaquín López, Silvia Modia, Mª Jesús Busto, Míriam F. Louzao, Ana Parga, Ángeles Otero, Ángela Pereira, Carlos Millán
Teatro Principal: Xesús Amado, Montse Cillero