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La Isla del Tesoro vs Yuraq Walla

Riquela Club |

00:30 h


La Isla del Tesoro vs Yuraq Walla

This project originated with the idea of making a journey through time through music. To travel through the most archaic soundscapes by developing them up to the present, and to establish a common bond between the music of our ancestors and the music we perceive today; rhythm.

La Isla del tesoro DJ

Originating from Trubia (Oviedo) and based in Santiago de Compostela, La Isla del Tesoro is enormously popular in the city for the eclecticism that characterises its most played songs, both in the variety of musical styles and the means used to perform them. Since La Isla del Tesoro, in its jam sessions, does not focus exclusively on the part of the night where you can feel the beat on the dance floor, they also try to let the public just enjoy listening to music, the different layers of sound or just a beautiful melody.

Yuraq Walla

Yuraq Walla is an Andean music project mixed with electronic sounds. It comes from Lima (Peru) to mix Amazonian sounds with European electronics, creating atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms.