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DJ Senhor Guimarães

Riquela Club |

01:30 h


DJ Senhor Guimarães

“I was born in Guimarães (Portugal) in 1951. For 30 years, I studied, went to war and emigrated; in 81 I arrived in Porto where I was a teacher, but I thought of other things: 1985 Anikibóbó, 2004 Passos Manuel. I am António but they call me Becas and as a DJ I am the ‘DJ Senhor Guimarães’”

DJ Senhor Guimarães is the nom de guerre of the most important figure of the night and he is responsible for the cultural dynamization of the city of Porto. He is the owner and proprietor of Passos Manuel, where he is a resident DJ. Those who have been there will know exactly the magnitude of what we have at hand and those who do not, we can only describe it as a palace dedicated to art and culture located in the centre of the Portuguese city. Becas will offer us his best selection of music, where there are no prejudices, genres or provenances, because Senhor Guimarães has a more important purpose: to make our feet move to ecstasy and exhaustion.