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faUSt + Ricardo Remédio (live)

Sala Capitol |

22:00 h doors opening at 22:00 h h

Ricardo Remédio 22:20h | faUSt 23:15h

Advanced ticket: 12 € / Box office: 14 €


Considered pioneers of krautrock music, faUSt was born in the early 1970s in Germany and it redefined European music alongside bands like Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk. Its style, defined as rude, alienating and aggressive, was a decisive influence on musicians like Joy Division, Brian Eno, Cabaret Voltaire and David Bowie. In 1971, they released their first album, under the homonym faUSt. Although it did not get good sales, it was critically acclaimed for its innovative approach and it established a base of passionate followers. Since then, they have released ten more albums in which they remained true to their uncompromising style until 2011, when they released their latest album, Something Dirty. The band will provide the audience at the Curtocircuito Festival with a unique concert with special guests and band friends such as the musician Amaury Cambuzat, a founding member of the avantgarde rock band ULAN BATOR and Onnen Bock, a founding member of another pioneering KrautRock band: Qluster.

Ricardo Remédio (live)

Widely known as a founding member of LÖBO, Ricardo Remédio laid the groundwork to bring RA to life in which “Rancor” was the result, an EP released by the reputed record label Lovers & Lollypops. Particularly noteworthy, well-known names such as JK FLESH, Daniel O'Sullivan, Necro Deathmort and Blac Koyote were responsible for the four remixes, released in 2014, which complemented and reinterpreted each of the tracks. Later, with greater consistency and affirmation, he decided to risk musical production as a homonymous figure through “Natureza Morta”. Ricardo Remédio counted on the participation of Daniel O'Sullivan, a known, inseparable member of Ulver, Æthenor going live with the legendary SUNN O))) in the production. James Plotkin joined in for mastering through “Natureza Morta”, a reference point for his work with Earth, ISIS, Pelican and Nadja, among others.

Ricardo Remédio has been pursuing a path as a solo artist, having participated in several festivals like Jameson Urban Routes, Milhões de Festa, Amplifest and Mucho Flow. He is also associated with bands like Godflesh, Nothing, oOoOO and Suuns with whom he shared the stages and lead parts.