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Horse Lords + Álex Silva (live)

Sala Sónar |

22:45 h doors opening at 22:14 h h

Álex Silva 22:45 h | Horse Lords 23:30 h

8 €

Horse Lords

The instrumental odyssey of the quartet from Baltimore, Horse Lords, uses drums, bass, sax, guitar and percussion to sculpt hypnotic and deep grooves of audacious new American rock. Using a microtonal tuning system, Horse Lords builds layers of syncopated lines that get their flavour from krautrock, African polyrhythms and classic minimalism.

After performing at festivals like Unsound, Le Guess Who? and Danube, we will be hosting them for the first time in October in the peninsula


Álex Silva (live)

He is a musical composer and sound technician from A Coruña currently living in Baltimore. With Astroboyz, his best known musical project, he was selected by Red Bull Music Academy (Madrid 2012, NYC 2013) and Converse Rubber Tracks (Boston 2017). Through his record label, Canadian Duck Tapes, he released his debut album Exsamples in a limited edition, and with Struments Records (Barcelona) he released his first 12" Pianobatacazoo, with Jimmy Edgar remix. His first studio album as Alex Silva was Mind Pattern Explorer (MPE) (Canadian Duck Tapes, USA, 2017) and he is now preparing his new album, recorded in Converse Rubber Tracks Studios (Boston) while running electronic musical events called Cable Salad in the city of Baltimore.