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Jupiter Lion + Pálida (live)

Sala Capitol |

22:30 h doors opening at 22:00 h

Pálida: 22:30 h | Jupiter Lion 23:25 h

7 €

Jupiter Lion

Getting into a car with the petrol tank full, jumping on the first motorway that you can pull onto and piling on the kilometres without looking at the rear-view mirror. That is the spirit that moved Kraftwerk almost fifty years ago and it also seems to be the starting point of Jupiter Lion, only that the motorways through which this trio of Valencians travel are not in Germany but up there, between Venus and Uranus. Riding high on a kraut rock supernova since 2011 that alternately condenses and releases energy, the group’s fantastical first album released by Bcore Disc has six rhythmic, hypnotic psychedelic excursions that push the listener forward without letting up. Jupiter Lion does not resort to dirty tricks or postcard epics. They are all about slow combustion and the most thought-provoking cinematics, which would make fans of Stereolab or Tortoise enjoy riding on the back of the Great Motorik Turbine.

Pálida (live)

The growing interest of vigués nelo (Durarará!!, Orquesta Metamovida) in electronic music led him at the end of 2013, to create Pálida, an expressive vehicle with a marked predilection for going live, always working with hardware, without computers, and producing its live music. The hyperactive project, over the last two years, has been reinventing its pale arts while defining clear and unclassifiable distinguishing features. Its live feeds fuse techno ambient, microhouse, noise and psychedelia in intense and hypnotic sessions, whereas working in the studio reveals new edges of its polyhedral creativity in each recording.

The Clutch, was recently released, the third long-playing record that marks a point already in his trajectory, renewing his votes for track electronics and displaying a more beautiful and evocative sound than ever, which in 2017, also earned him the Martín Codax Award in Galician music in 2017 in the electronics category.