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Sound does matter Around Sound

Ricardo Steinberg

Edificio ABANCA Cervantes

Monday 2nd October | 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Free admission while seating is available

Sound does matter because it is a fundamental element in cinematographic narration while at the same time it is a tool with which a story can be conveyed. Building on this idea, the sound artist, Ricardo Steinberg, who has an extensive background in the field, talks to us about the creation of audio and its expressive possibilities.

The voices, noises and music interact with the images in multiple and single-existing combinations, triggering emotions, sensations and diverse ideas in the spectator. However, the concept that prevails in the professional and academic spheres, and also among the public, is that cinema is a form of expression primarily visual, in which the audio element is a mere plug-in of the motion picture. This master class proposes a reflection not only on the intrinsic importance of sound in cinematographic language, but also on its crucial narrative role.

  • Ricardo Steinberg

    As a soundman and producer, Ricardo Steinberg has participated in more than one hundred full-length feature films and has collaborated with Alejandro Amenábar, José Luis Cuerda, Adolfo Aristarain, Gonzalo Suárez, Carlos Saura, Pedro Almodóvar, Mateo Gil, Felipe Vega, Victor Erice, Alex De la Iglesia and Mateo Gil, among others.

    He was awarded the Goya for Best Sound for Thesis, The Others and The Sea Inside, and he has been nominated on nine other occasions.

    At Foro Sonoro Producciones, he co-produced the short film Tell Me That I, by Mateo Gil, 2009 Goya for Best Fiction Short Film and, together with Laura Pousa, he directed, wrote and produced the short film Meine Liebe, nominated for the 2012 Goya.

    He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Cinema Arts, and he is part of the team at Las Producciones del Escorpión. Since 2011, he has been coordinating and teaching classes to receive the Diploma in Sound Engineering at the Film and Audiovisual School in the Community of Madrid (ECAM).