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Sound of Thunder. Visual landscapes and soundscapes in American cinema Around Sound

Javier Trigales

Edificio ABANCA Cervantes

Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3th of October | 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

35€ (15€ USC students)

25 (5 USC students)

The seminars of Javier Trigales are an audiovisual crusher, a direct heterodox, sensory and emotional approach to the material he addresses using infinite audiovisual examples that build (and destroy) temporal, spatial, aesthetic and ethical bridges.

We are all Americans in one way or another. Our sentimental and cultural memory is composed of both what we experience in life and what we contemplate and hear: whether we like it or not, we function as receivers of the images and sounds that come from the United States. The country has a very short history, and perhaps that is why it re-enters into a series of recognisable archetypes to give meaning and roots to a vast and insurmountable land. The cinema is the best vehicle to convey these tropes: the image of the USA is mediatized through certain landscapes, but also by countless sounds and music that give substance to it, which then explains the philosophy of a nation. We will delve into these elements in this seminar and we will go on an audiovisual expedition to this mythical and iconic America through the filmmakers who are the most adept at knowing how to portray it.

  • Javier Trigales

    Scriptwriter, cultural manager and professor of audiovisual media. Javier has worked for several years on TV shows such as El Intermedio [The Intermission] and Sé lo que hicisteis [I Know What You Did]. He is also the author of the script for the full-length feature film Viejos [The Elderly], winner of the award for Best International Project at the 2016 Sitges Film Festival. He is a member of the board of directors of the Galician Screenwriters’ Association.

    He is currently working as a programmer and curator of audiovisual activities for museums and festivals. He is also a film critic for a large number of media outlets such as Transit cine and Canino and is a co-author of ten collective books.