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Body and vibration Around Sound

Javier Martín

Salón Teatro

Wednesday 4th October | 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Free admission, prior registration, while seating is available


Body and Vibration is a space open to experimentation whose starting point is movement and its crossover into sound. In this workshop, the choreographer, Javier Martín, proposes a look into the relationships between body and space starting with a very personal, dynamic work in which philosophy, improvisation, dance and performativity are part of a single discourse.

Photo: Carlos Bernar

“A flat surface that warps itself to create three dimensions, the concave and the convex. If we talk about a metal medium, the sounds that these surfaces project are studied by the ars tintinabula, the art of touching bells. Sound is a mode of vibration that propagates within a certain physical space, the air [...] Background vibration within the texture of a body is a nexus of key change towards another relational paradigm. It has other qualities that within its specific degrees of freedom hold another locus of control or connective system; incorporating, through you, timely information or new emotions. From language and its sensitivity there is a body, and in relation to the ability to have enjoyment within such a structure -the body can be conceptualised as an unpredictable architecture-, it bides its time until its turn.” Mecha-mystic, Javier Martín.



Javier Martín

Centro Dramático Galego

With the collaboration of:  

CI+ creatividad y estimularción en el aprendizaje

Proxecto de investigación Performa da USC



  • Javier Martín

    Javier Martín is a Choreographer. He developed his research project around the arts of movement through the creation of discourse and its application in the development of transdisciplinary seminars, conferences-performances, activation and development of research groups, and as a driving force and the result of all this, the creation of shows.

    Since 2004, he has premiered more than 30 pieces in Spain, France, Russia, Portugal, Mexico and the Ukraine. He has recently been the artist-in-residence at EIRA, Lisbon; Kannon House, St. Petersburg; Centro Canal, Madrid and MUN, Pamplona; and he has presented his latest projects at UNAM, Museo del Chopo, Mexico; GogolFest, Kiev; CCCB, Barcelona; Theatro Circo, Braga; Pompidou, Málaga; Reina Sofía, Madrid; Univ. Sorbonne, Paris, among others. Javier Martín has collaborated with artists from different disciplines such as the music artist Oleg Karavaichuk.