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Friday, 6th October | 10:30 a.m. | Live recording of El Séptimo Vicio (Radio3) 12:00 noon

Free admission for Centers while seating is available |

Seats: 200

Canteiras is one of the boldest ventures in Curtocircuíto. Since we, at the Festival, consider audiovisual literacy as one of the key factors in the training of future viewers and creative artists, authors and actors, and critical and reflective audiences. That is why we want to consolidate Canteiras as a cornerstone linking the leading educational cultural initiatives in the sector and its stakeholders, such as centres that wish to incorporate audiovisual training or education into the experience of their students. Canteiras aims to be a showcase of the best initiatives in the field of audiovisual education intended to train students for audiovisual creation and reflection.


Olloboi is a non-profit association of creative artists in Barbanza, who took over the helm of the collective Filming organisation. It is a group of teachers who since 2008 work around the subject of audiovisual media. As a result of their interest in educating in the audiovisual language and educating in filmmaking, they have launched different initiatives, among which are the following:

  • Learning with Olloboi: it is a repertoire of online didactic resources that present the cinematographic process in all its phases, from preproduction to distribution, providing examples of Galician audiovisual works. The intention is that, after doing the activities that they propose, students or fans have an approximate idea of how a film is made, and will be able to do their own work.

  • Olloboi Festival: is an audiovisual festival geared towards the school setting, from early childhood education to university studies. It is a not-for-profit, committed project that fosters and promotes the audiovisual team. Being cognizant that in the panorama of Galician culture there is no explicit recognition of these school audiovisual initiatives, they decided to work to reward the originality, art and commitment of many future professionals. Olloboi has a clear educational and creative vocation, as it pursues raising social and environmental awareness and fosters activism and collaborative work.



Olloboi in Canteiras

  • -Presentation of the Olloboi Festival

  • -Presentation of the Web Book Learn with Olloboi

  • -Screening of the winning short films

El Séptimo Vicio (Radio Program | Radio3): Friday  October | CGAC | 12 noon

  • This year, people attending Canteiras also have the opportunity to attend the recording of a live radio show, presented and directed by Javier Tolentino. El Séptimo Vicio [The Seventh Vice] is a space that Radio3 reserves for the passion an audience has for the cinema. It’s for an audience that loves indie films, independent films that are committed, fantasy-filled and drenched with a certain geek rank-and-file membership. This radio show passionately defends the movement of short films in our country and from there, El Séptimo Vicio intends to be the most cutting-edge in new avant-garde films.