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Rewind! Sound experiments with cassette tapes Around Sound

Mateo Mena


Saturday 30th September | 11am - 1pm / 5pm - 7pm | Workshop for children


20 places

Focusing on a handy and accessible do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, Rewind! embarks on DIY and sound recycling that seeks to rethink both our relationship with technology and its obsolescence, as well as the processes of contemporary creation and experimental music. This fun workshop is especially suitable for children between 8 and 12 years of age, but is also recommended for older attendees.

The Rewind! workshop gives us an introduction to the “old” technology of magnetic recording that was at its zenith in the 80s, approached from the perspective of sound art.

During the first part of the activity, through the use of radio cassettes, walkmans and tapes, we will learn different techniques of creative manipulation, ranging from simple sound recording to creating loops, speed variations, duration, and creating saturation, distortion or making sound collages. The second session will serve to create an experimental piece, collectively.

All these different types of content, mainly practical, will be approached using simple, low-cost material, so that after the workshop, you can continue experimenting and learning independently.

  • Mateo Mena

    Sound artist and designer of electronic musical instruments. His work is focused on the development of new analogue instruments and their subsequent use in music, either alone or as part of groups such as the Metamovida Orchestra. Mateo combines this creative facet with scientific outreach projects, such as the Technological Circle or Electronic Music with everyday materials workshops, which revolve around how we relate to technology and sound formats, tackled from the aesthetics of DIY and the better use of technological waste.

    With these projects, Mateo Mena has participated in festivals such as Imaxinasons (Vigo, 2015), Education and Active Listening (Córdoba, 2016), Pontenciencia (Pontevedra, 2016) or Creative Sounds (Lugo, 2017) and in creative spaces like Tabakalera (San Sebastián), MUSAC (León) or Domus (A Coruña).